Welcome to Rand Planning Consultancy Ltd

1_housepicRand Planning Consultancy Ltd specialise in all aspects of Planning and Appeals and Building Regulations creating professional building plans & architectural design drawings for home extensions, loft conversions and home alterations for our private clients.

Rand Planning Consultancy Ltd is owned by Phil Rand who has been working on Plans since 1985 in the Wiltshire area. Phil will be happy to discuss your requirements with all the above to bring your project to a satisfactory conclusion.

What is the next step.

Builders, require a set of building plans or architectural designs of your home extension, loft conversion or home alteration before they are able to provide quotations. So to get the overall costs of the project, Rand Planning Consultancy Ltd can provide a guidance of building costs before builders quotes, we can help to explain everything. Also, more importantly, we provide build cost estimates for your potential home extension, loft conversion or home alteration.  Although only estimates, this provides you with the potential costs of the build. Phil Rand will explain the fees required to get your project the permissions it requires.