To start the process

2_housepicStep 1 – Enquiry

Call us today (07402841075) to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help start your project. Alternatively, you can send us an email or paper enquiry and we will be happy to contact you.

Step 2 – Free consultation / Feasibility study

We offer a free consultation that provides you with the perfect opportunity to discuss any of your ideas, and ask any questions you may have. Having listened to exactly what it is you require, we will undertake a feasibility study to ensure that it is possible and can be achieved to your budget.

Step 3 – Survey

We will then undertake a laser measured survey, take photo’s and take you instructions brief. This takes about an hour or so.

Step 4 – Drawings

We will then produce all the appropriate drawings required for your planning application including; existing and proposed floor plans, existing and proposed elevations, a site location plan and a block plan. These drawings will then be provided to yourselves for any comments, giving you a chance to change anything you wish before the application is formally submitted.

Step 5 – Paperwork

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with your designs, we will fill out all the necessary planning application documents if you require us to do so and then your application can be made. Once your application has been submitted it usually takes around 7 days to be registered by the planning department of your local council, they will then notify all of those parties they feel may be affected by your proposals (including neighbours, parish council, the highways department and other interested bodies). A period of 21 days must then pass in which the aforementioned persons can express any comments or objections they may have with the designs. Your allocated planning officer will then normally visit the site to assess whether they deem the designs acceptable.

Step 6 – Decision

Usually a decision on your application takes 8 weeks from registration. If your proposal is refused then you have the right to appeal against the decision or redesign your plans and resubmit your application. Rand Planning Consultancy will be happy to undertake these redesigns and assist with your re-application or appeal.

Step 7 – Building Regulations Approval

Once you have received planning permission, depending on the type of project you are undertaking it may be necessary to gain Building Regulations Approval. We can produce the required drawings and information to allow you to apply for Building Regulations Approval, and gain full consent for your project. Once you have received this approval you can instruct a builder and begin the works.