I have documented examples of types of developments that many people commonly do to provide extra accommodation to their existing house or develop land to its maximum potential.

Client: Mr Russel

Brief: Demolish garage and obtain Planning and Building Regulations for a Bungalow.

The proposed bungalow created a few issues. The plot is small with little or no garden. Access and parking needed great care as the access is near a junction. Planning Department could have easily refused this development. Building Regulations required Structural Calculations and a SAP report for sustainable conservation of fuel.

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Client: Mr Brooks

GB Cooker Spares

Brief: Obtain Planning Permission for Industrial Units in Cricklade and Ashton Keynes(near Cirencester).

The proposed industrial Park in Ashton Keynes was design on a landfill site adjacent to houses. Key issues that had to overcome were, sustainable transport, environmental considerations, flood retention and drainage, noise problems.

Client: Mr and Mrs Harrison

Brief: Obtain Planning and building Regulations for a large 2 Storey Extension.

This proposal was refused for Planning Permission by Swindon Borough Council. Mr Harrison then instructed Rand Planning Consultancy to Appeal the decision. This was done successfully.


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Client: Mr Rud and Mrs Tanner

Brief: 2 Storey side extension

Extensions like this one provide a popular way of providing the maximum accommodation without taking garden space. Some Councils insist on the 1st floor being set back 1 m to make it look like an extension and create a subordinate addition.


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Client: Mr Locket

Brief: Garage

The proposal provided important parking and storage.


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